5 investments which are stronger than bitcoin

BackyardProduction photographs 5 investments which are improved than Bitcoin

investors proceed to dive into cryptocurrencies, either to test with the brand new technology or at least hunt for huge returns. but all that funds would likely be invested in other places.

Even after the volatility of the last a few months–bitcoin, for instance, is down 40 % considering that the launch of 2018–cryptocurrencies nevertheless pique buyers’ hobby. that is now not altogether excellent, particularly in the event you examine younger americans becoming millionaires and reportedly going on dates with Bella Hadid.

indeed, two recent surveys factor to millennials’ hobby in digital currencies. Robo-guide company Swell found that 12% of these between the a while of 18 and 34 would purchase cryptocurrency if a person gave them $5,000 to put money into an asset category of their deciding on. in a similar fashion, neobank Chime found that millennials invested in cryptocurrency at four times the expense than stock investments in 2017.

if you decide to put money into cryptocurrency, best exhaust funds that you just’re prepared to lose. it really is genuine of any speculative funding, but principally actual in the topsy-turvy world of bitcoin and the alternate options. despite the fact, before you purchase, here are some other ways you could accept as true with spending the funds.

“putting money in cryptocurrency makes no sense in case you don’t have emergency reductions, are carrying high-charge debt, and don’t seem to be contributing to tax-advantaged retirement money owed,” says Greg McBride, CFA and Bankrate’s senior economic analyst.

Bump up your contributions

If the cash you’re placing into cryptocurrency is discretionary, the foremost choice would be to give it to your future self via increasing your contributions to a 401okay. by doing so, you are no longer handiest searching for the you of the next day, but you are additionally lowering your taxable revenue today.

for example, in case you’re 30 years ancient, earn $forty,000 a 12 months, have $10,000 already in your 401k and currently make a contribution three percent of your income to it, Bankrate’s 401k calculator initiatives you’ll have $278,875 at 65. This doesn’t include a match out of your organisation or expected annual pay increases, and estimates a standard annual return of seven p.c. if you boosted your contribution by only 1 percentage aspect to 4 % your projected return would enhance to $336.”239.

by the way, there is a superb chance your pals are doing this already. In August, a Bankrate fiscal protection Index survey found that 23 percent of all U.S. adults say they’ve ramped up retirement saving all the way through the previous three hundred and sixty five days.

start growing to be a rate reductions chronicle

Is your defense internet mighty adequate? chances are high it can be stronger. before you buy cryptocurrency, be sure your emergency discount rates are solid. There isn’t any more desirable time to strengthen your reductions than the current, due to the fact that you never be aware of if you’ll need it.

,shuttle snafus, vehicle accidents and clinical emergencies are inherently unpredictable, and having the peace of mind to pay for the sudden expense right through such demanding instances is worthwhile,” says Andrea Woroch, a personal finance skilled who’s working with Marcus by way of Goldman Sachs.

The decent information is that interest charges on savings debts have risen heavenly dramatically over the remaining a couple of months, so you’ll be able to get some yield to your discount rates. employ online tools like these offered by Bankrate to locate the choicest price, too. With experts expecting the Federal Reserve to enhance the federal money price again as soon as March, rates on rate reductions accounts should boost greater.

if you battle with committing to saving funds, there are additionally a few apps designed to assist you obtain your desires.

handle excessive-hobby debt

if you are carrying bank card debt, consultants say eliminating that may still really be your right priority.

advance a strategy for paying off high-interest balances and decide to your plan. in case your credit card debt is spread out over several playing cards, be most aggressive in paying off the one with the maximum hobby expense. if your credit score is respectable adequate, you may also accept as true with combining a variety of bank card balances into one debt consolidation mortgage with a decrease fastened rate.

“Paying down present credit card debt might also no longer appear like lots enjoyable now, but doing so will help to alleviate the stress and the emotional outcomes of debt,” Woroch says. Such loans often have origination prices, so Woroch says to pay consideration.

“or not it’s crucial to assessment the sparkling print and ask about skills costs upfront,” Woroch says. Marcus is one of the few lenders during this area that does not cost an origination price.

in case you go this route, be committed to ending the cycle of relying on your credit score playing cards. You do not need to end up in a condition where you run up your credit card balances whereas nonetheless paying the personal loan that consolidated your closing round of debt.

Up your profession online game

once again, if the money you are planning to invest in crypto is definitely discretionary, why not make investments it in advancing your profession?

in all probability there’s a convention where which you can join with people who might appoint you and pay you more than what you are making today. Or probably sign in for a route on coding that could support you snag a huge promotion.

search for courses at your neighborhood faculty or find out when and the place the next regional conference to your trade is occurring to begin investing in your self,” Woroch says.

put money into other ways

Cryptocurrency investments may still be a part of a bigger investment method, so that you must analyze other alternate options, too.

“if you’re inclined to place funds in cryptocurrencies, make it a small addition to an already well-diverse portfolio, no longer the basis of your portfolio or a substitute for emergency discounts, debt reimbursement or tax-advantaged retirement savings,” McBride says.

You might inaugurate an IRA to complement the funds you’re already inserting away for retirement on your 401k. tons like rate reductions fees, CD rates are rising, too. You might trust creating a 529 account on your babies’s future education wants, too, McBride says.

which you can also look to originate an tale with an internet brokerage or robo-marketing consultant, McBride says.

Barnesville Gun combat Trial Date Set March 1

ODalton Metzlerne of the vital accused aggressors in an argument that culminated with an exchange of gunfire in Barnesville continues to be set for trial March 1. The defense is in the procedure of obtaining medical institution statistics regarding the case.

Mitchell Tristan Dalton Metzler, 32, of 12825 Battleridge highway, Cambridge, seemed for a standing convention Monday earlier than Belmont County ordinary Pleas judge Frank Fregiato. he’s charged with one count of felonious assault with a gun and two counts of aggravated menacing, both of which allegedly befell may also sixteen. The firearm specification carries a mandatory sentence of three years consecutive to any other sentence if he’s convicted.

The incident came about on Franklin highway in Barnesville, at the domestic of Greg Sears. in line with law enforcement, Sears and Dalton Metzler had been having a dispute for some time, allegedly on account of a relationship between Dalton Metzler and Sears’ estranged spouse, Chelsea Sears. throughout an incident earlier that evening, both allegedly had been worried in a actual altercation where Dalton Metzler had brandished a firearm. Investigators say Dalton Metzler lower back later within the evening together with his brother, Michael Smith.

Smith reportedly attacked Sears when he opened the door, but Sears had armed himself. in accordance with studies. Sears shot Smith and Dalton Metzler allegedly fired his personal gun into the Sears’ dwelling. Sears then apparently shot Dalton Metzler.

the two wounded men drove themselves to the health center and were later flown by way of clinical helicopter to a Pittsburgh clinic. A bullet reportedly was retrieved from the Sears residence. Prosecutor Dan Fry cited that the occupants of the house, together with a juvenile, had been placed in grave danger all over the disagreement.

Smith has considering been arraigned in Belmont County Western Division courtroom. he’s charged with assault, and his subsequent court docket look is scheduled for March 13.

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Olympics winners and losers: NBC, Tara and Johnny, Shani Davis and extra

The iciness Olympics are under way in Pyeongchang, South Korea. we now have viewed a whole lot of decent and just satisfactory defective. Let’s assessment.

Winners: Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski

sure, they can also be demanding. sure, they’re fame hounds. And, sure, Weir’s trend channels Caesar Flickerman from “The hunger video games.” but they got here to Pyeongchang to critique determine skaters, no longer sing them lullabies. comic Daniel Tosh is on board: “one way to repair the NFL subsequent 12 months can be to have johnnygweir and taralipinski name all games!”

Losers: Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews

Don’t you feel the Blackhawks gamers would rather be competing against each different in the Olympics than languishing along side the sputtering Hawks?

Winners: Aja Evans and her women’s bobsled teammates

Their dance-off to “Rollie” gave the impression actually spontaneous, enjoyable — and anxiety-reducing. When competition begins for them Feb. 20, there may be a lot of pressure for them and viewers rooting for them.

Winner: Bradie Tennell

In her first predominant international competition, the Carpentersville determine skater delivered a very good efficiency in the group experience, giving viewers a great deal to look forward to when she takes the ice within the particular person competitors.

Loser: John Moody

Fox information’ site did not just eliminate Moody’s column arguing the USOC changed into undermining its medal efforts by means of encouraging variety, it referred to the column did “not reflect the views or values of Fox information.” it really is brilliant because Moody is Fox information’ govt editor.

Winner: Mirai Nagasu

four years in the past, Nagasu become left off the U.S. figure skating group in desire of Ashley Wagner. This year, Wagner stayed home and Nagasu entered the historical past books with the aid of fitting the primary American lady — and third lady ever — to land a triple axel in an Olympics.

Winner: Casey Larson

In a quirky accounting of Olympic participation, it turned into determined that the ski jumper from Barrington turned into the one hundred,000th male to compete within the Olympics. He didn’t, although, pick an oversized determine or a lifetime pass to the Norge Ski club.

Loser: feel of time

Pyeongchang is 15 hours forward of primary Time. So when it’s Monday there, it’s Sunday here — at the least occasionally, unless it’s Tuesday. the outlet ceremony changed into shown online at 5 a.m. Friday, after which NBC confirmed the ceremony 14 hours later in best time, and it basically took longer to uncover. Some hobbies shown on NBC’s channels are reside. Some are taped. Some are at evening. Others are within the daylight hours. Is it March yet?

Winner: red Gerard

He gained the usa’s first gold medal of the video games, and the 17-yr-historical became the youngest snowboarding gold medalist in Olympic historical past. The youngster feels like Danny Partridge from “The Partridge family” and the undeniable fact that he’s too younger to get the reference best underscores our factor.

Loser: NBC

As standard with NBC’s Olympics coverage, viewers bitch they can not see the routine they are looking to see once they want to see them, however that’s now not the worst of the community’s offenses. Analyst Joshua Cooper Ramo managed to insult the host nation through watching that Japan once occupied Korea from 1910 to 1945, then credited that occupation for Korea’s cultural and technological transformation. After the predictable outcry, NBC apologized and terminated his project.

Winners: Alexa Scimeca and Chris Knierim

Pairs skaters she’s from Addison saved the first night of determine skating for crew u . s . a . and took one of the crucial consideration off Nathan Chen, who faltered on the ice after all that hype.

Losers: Coin flips

Shani Davis complained on Twitter that crew usa “dishonorably tossed a coin to come to a decision its 2018 flag bearer.” Chicagoans have wondered “heads or tails” legitimacy ever since the Bears’ Ed McCaskey referred to as heads, and tails sent Terry Bradshaw to the Steelers in 1970.

Winner: Coin flips

Come to feel of it, the Bears gained the coin toss with the Browns in 1975 and took Walter Payton. So might be there are two sides to this after all.

Loser: Snowboarders

On the day American Jamie Anderson defended her Olympic title will also go down as probably the most infamous, sinful days snowboarding has ever seen. transferring, bitter winds whipped tiny ice pellets across the iced-over jumps on the Phoenix Snow Park and stiffened the orange-coloured wind socks in a single course, then yet another. Twenty-five riders each took two journeys down a route that, with the aid of a lot of their accounts, wouldn’t have been start for action. Of the 50 runs, 41 ended with a rider on her backside, or in a face plant.

Winner: Leila Rahimi

NBC sports Chicago’s Rahimi, on mortgage to function NBC Olympics reporter throughout girls’s hockey video games, turned into within the appropriate place at the right time for what become probably the most significant moments of the video games thus far: the combined Korean group’s debut. Famously impartial Switzerland clobbered the Koreans eight-0, however that symbolism become eclipsed with the aid of the symbolism of enemies enjoying as a crew.

Loser: Leila Rahimi

Getting assigned ladies’s hockey, performed at nighttime in South Korea, ability lots of telecasts operating within the middle of the nighttime here. team united states of america rallied to beat Finland while you slept within the wee hours of Sunday morning. now not excellent for exposure, but that you would be able to awaken for the subsequent U.S. video game in opposition t the Olympic Athletes from Russian, set for six:10 a.m. Tuesday on NBCSN. So perhaps there’s hope.

Winner: Toyota

those advertisements that don’t have anything to do with vehicles and every thing to do with inspiring reports of athletes overcoming barriers are the most desirable income pitch of those Olympics up to now.

Winner: Gus Kenworthy’s .

The freestyle skier and Adam Rippon are first two brazenly gay U.S. iciness Olympians. but when you wish to talk daring, it be Kenworthy’s . It has photographs of him dressing up for,Hallow Queens” and a lot of pix that make ESPN’s physique difficulty pictures redundant, however the topper is his pose with Rippon on the games, which he captioned, “your heart out, vice president Mike Pence.”

Loser: sensitive determine skating fans

Former gold medalist Tara Lipinski and two-time Olympian Johnny Weir’s commentary changed into correctly sharp-edged and sassy when Nathan Chen and other skaters grew to become the winter Olympics into the autumn games. The ice isn’t all that’s bloodless and hard in this recreation.

Winners: Matt and Becca Hamilton

The brother and sister U.S. curlers from close Madison, Wis., provide hope to all americans who resemble characters from the old “Saturday nighttime are living” Da BearsSuperfans sketches that they too can also be Olympians.

Winner: Curling

significantly. it’s shuffleboard meets bowling on ice. This appears absolutely workable. absolutely. Honey, the place do we retain our broom?

Losers: assurance companies.

A generation of purple Gerard wannabes is probably going to result in a spike in broken ribs, jaws, skulls, arms, legs, necks, backs and pelvises, ruptured spleens, torn cartilage and tendons, collapsed lungs, contusions and lacerations.

Winner: Bart Simpson.

the outlet sequence of,The Simpsons” makes clear that with some coaching and practicing, this fourth-grade skateboard phenom might medal in guys’s slopestyle.

Winner: Pita Taufatofua.

Shirtless and oiled Tongan does it once again — this time in less relaxed climate than in Rio two years in the past — as he carried the Tongan flag into opening ceremony.

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Metzler, Victor Albert

LANCASTER – Victor Albert Metzler, 74, passed away Monday, Jan. 29, 2018, at his domestic surrounded through his family unit. He changed into born June 19,1943, on a farm in Colby, Kan., a son of the late Edward E. Metzler Jr. and Sarah I. Ziegelmeier Metzler and changed into the husband of Linda Tillman Metzler. Metzler graduated from Colby Kansas excessive school where he won a few state championships in wrestling and football and additionally graduated from eastern Kentucky school with a bachelor’s in business administration. He retired from the S.C. branch of Corrections as a corrections officer. He turned into later employed with Wal-Mart Distribution in loss prevention. Metzler was a member of Fellowship Bible Church where he served as men’s fellowship chief, Sunday faculty trainer and choir director. track become his passion. He adored serving the college students, teachers, personnel and others whereas using the Cougar Cruiser to ballgames, box trips, senior journeys and special activities for Carolina Christian Academy. He additionally enjoyed touring alongside the east coast for Sunshine tours. Metzler served on the college board for Carolina Christian Academy. He loved the Lord, his family, his church and individuals. He wanted his existence to count for Christ.  Metzler is survived by way of his wife of 37 years, Linda Tillman Metzler; his son, David Metzler and his wife, Janet, of Lancaster; three daughters, Angela Metzler Gannon and her husband, Adam, of Battlefield, Mo., Donna Adcock and her husband, Kennith, of Lancaster and Debbie Gallien and her husband, Brian, of Lancaster; six grandchildren, Kendra Adcock Knopf, Shawn Adcock, Jessica Metzler Garris, Christian Gallien, Alex Gannon and Max Gannon; and a brother, Charles Metzler of Minneapolis, Minn. Metzler changed into preceded in loss of life by his fogeys; a daughter, Katherine Michelle Metzler; a son, Christopher Allen Metzler; and two brothers, Edward Metzler and Douglas Metzler.The occasion of existence funeral service for Metzler can be 11 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 1, at Fellowship Bible Church with the aid of Dr. Huey Mills and the Revs. Chris Wilson and Ernest Steen. Burial will follow in Lancaster Memorial Park.The family will acquire chums from 5-7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 31, at Burgess Funeral home and suggest memorial contributions be made to Fellowship Baptist ChurchCarolina Christian Academy Bus Ministry Fund, 1850 Kershaw-Camden Hwy, Lancaster, SC internet guest register is available on the obituaries page at .burgessfuneralsm.Burgess Funeral home & Crematory, 1800 Charlotte dual carriageway, Lancaster, is caring for the family unit of Metzler.

Burgess Funeral home & Crematory1800 Charlotte HighwayLancaster, SC 29720803-283-2100

published in the Lancaster information on Jan. 31, 2018

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Dalton State’s Thornton gets SSAC’s student-Athlete Award

Dalton State sophomore Cole Thornton from Jasper, Ga., become announced Tuesday as the Southern States Athletic conference men’s wrong nation student-Athlete for 2016. Thornton, a physics main who has a 3.9 grade element normal on a 4.0 scale, previously became one in all 12 selections for the SSAC all-tutorial team for his sport, and he positioned 27th in the convention meet. “Cole is an extremely tough worker academically and athletically,” Dalton State instruct Margie Bruner said in a school free up. “he is an excellent example to all our runners.”

* four different Dalton State fall-sports athletes were honored as 2016 Daktronics NAIA scholar-Athletes. That requires being at the least a junior and having a minimal G of 3.5. Volleyball players Grace Hardin and Anna Metzler and ladies’s runner Nayeli Jacobo already had been pronounced right here as NAIA honorees, and they are joined by way of DSC men’s soccer captain Jordan Man from Liverpool, England. All 4 are juniors. Man’s G is above 3.6. Metzler, from Rio de Janeiro, changed into a group captain additionally, and she or he had a team-high 323 kills plus 309 digs to go together with her 3.9-plus G. Memphis resident Hardin, whose G is above three.7, led the volleyball Roadrunners with 112 blocks and was 2nd in kills with 216. Jacobo, whose G is above 3.5, missed the 2015 season with a torn knee ligament and step by step improved in 2016, capped via a ninth-place finish within the SSAC meet.


* The Lee school basketball teams swept the Gulf South conference honors for freshman of the week with two gamers from area excessive schools: Ryan Bernard Law Montgomery from critical as the guys’s alternative and Taylor Boggess from Meigs County as the women’s honoree. Boggess shared scoring honors for the lady Flames with sixteen aspects of their 73-47 retract over Auburn-Bernard Law Montgomery, when she made three 3-element baskets, and Montgomery had 14 points with 3-of-3 success on 3s and seven rebounds in an beyond regular time defeat of North Georgia. The Lee groups return to GSC action for home doubleheaders Thursday nighttime in opposition t Mississippi college and Saturday afternoon towards Delta State.

Criminals can also Ditch Bitcoin for Litecoin, sprint, examine Says

it may appear to be each person from Grandma to Goldman Sachs community . has piled into Bitcoin in the past 12 months, but there’s at the least one group that’s attempting to find a method out: Criminals.

in the next six to 365 days, the most regularly occurring digital coin is poised to lose its chapter as a dominant price components on the darkish net, based on a look at through cybersecurity firm Recorded Future. Its biggest competitors? Litecoin and dash.

Transacting with Bitcoin has develop into greater high priced and fewer effective as an inflow of clients has put stress on the network, leading to larger charges. because of this, some cryptocurrency lovers — including criminals, who have been among Bitcoin’s earliest adopters — have resorted to other digital cash.

Bitcoin remains the gold normal for transactions within the illegal underworld, but it surely’s losing floor to some of its crypto cousins, the look at discovered. Litecoin, the sixth-most positive digital foreign money, is now accepted via almost one third of all darkish-internet providers who purchase alternative charge strategies. dash, the 12th-biggest cryptocurrency, is authorized via 20 p.c of the market.

criminal Currencies

Recorded Future

“The sprint network isn’t aware of a single Darknet market that uses dash on its platform,” observed Ryan Taylor, dash Core group .’s chief executive officer, in an email despatched with the aid of an exterior spokesman. “We consider it is an absurd assertion that the file concluded that 20 p.c of vendors accept sprint for Darknet transactions. a large number of publicly obtainable studies, even with Tor and VPN assisted searches, have indicated no adoption of dash as an choice payment formulation for these transactions.”

Recorded Future scoured one hundred fifty trendy message boards, marketplaces and illegal functions to locate that Litecoin is the 2nd-most generic cryptocurrency on the darkish web. The Somerville, Massachusetts-based researchers also broke down their consequences with the aid of geography, noting that Russians favored Litecoin because of its comfort, while English audio system preferred Monero for its protection features.

“The equal type of vigor users who helped to set up Bitcoin as a unified fee instrument across the dark web, spurring the underground economy and plaguing the realm with not ever-ending ransomware assaults, illicit medication, and weaponry, now see it as a roadblock to proliferating crook business,” wrote Andrei Barysevich and Alexandr Solad, the record’s authors. “Litecoin and dash will recall their location subsequent to Bitcoin because the familiar payment currencies of the dark net.”

criminal Underworld Is dropping Bitcoin for a different currency

Dalton State Volleyball Takes 2 Opponents At Home

The Dalton State volleyball season got off to a great start Saturday as the Lady Roadrunners took both of their matches in a Tri-Match involving Tennessee Temple of Chattanooga and Milligan College of Elizabethton, TN.

The day’s second match of the day for the Lady Birds saw victory over the Buffaloes three sets to one. Dalton State got an easier than the score win in the first set, 25-20.

Milligan came back to win the second set, 25-23. The Buffs had gotten out to an 11-4 lead only to see the Roadrunners come back to tie it at 11 and take a 12-11 lead. The set was back and forth the remainder of the way with Dalton’s final lead of the set at 23-22.

The third set was all Dalton, 25-13. The Roadrunners jumped out to leads of 6-1 and 11-4. They then pushed the lead up to 13 points 24-11 before finally taking the impressive win.

The final set was the same as the first, 25-20. The Roadrunners were never tied. The largest Roadrunner lead was seven 20-13.

Michala Askew recorded 35 assists and 13 digs in the match while Anna Metzler and Savannah Nelson each had 13 kills in the match. Metzler also had a dozen digs.  Anna Dykes recorded nine kills, Alyne Bianchi had seven, and Kianna Delaney six.

Clarissa Weber and Karly Newman contributed eight assists each.

Volleyball 2014 Opener – Dalton State 3 Tennessee Temple 0

The Lady Roadrunners opened the season with a late Saturday morning 3-0 sweep of Tennessee Temple. Dalton State downed the Crusaders 25-22, 25-18, and 25-21.

Bianchi had 10 kills and four assists for Dalton State. Metzler had nine kills and nine digs.  Askew had 15 Roadrunner assists. Weber had 10 assists. Nelson had eight kills

The Crusaders were led by Naomi Pasada with seven kills and four digs. Victoria Smith and Shatoya Medford each scored seven kills with Medford also having five digs. Lydia Vick added five kills and four assists.

Milligan captured the third match with a 3-0 sweep of the Tennessee Temple – 25-23, 25-21, and 25-20.

Dalton State’s volleyball team travels to Barbourville, KY on Tuesday August 26 to take on the Union College Bulldogs at 6:30 p.m. The next home volleyball action will be against Southern Wesleyan University on Friday, August 29, at 7:00 p.m..

The 2014 Dalton State volleyball team poses after winning the first game at Bandy Gymnasiun on campus. They played all of last season’s contests at various off campus sites as the gym was being remodeled.

Bitcoin Slumps to 12-Week Low Below $6K

Bitcoin prices plunged to a 12-week low below $6,000 this morning, reporting double-digit percentage losses amid a continued crypto market sell-off.

Prices on CoinDesk’s Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) fell as low as $5,967.34 at 07:59 UTC – the lowest level since Nov. 13. As of writing, the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is changing hands at $6,156, down around 22 percent on a 24-hour basis.


Some virtual currency enthusiasts argue that the problems are no different from what has happened in other booms, like the internet bubble of the 1990s. But even true believers say the design of virtual currencies — meant to cut out middlemen and government authorities — has made bad behavior more prevalent amid this particular bubble.

Continue reading the main story

“Cryptocurrencies are almost a perfect vehicle for scams,” said Kevin Werbach, a professor at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. “The combination of credulous buyers and low barriers for scammers were bound to lead to a high level of fraud, if and when the money involved got large. The fact that the money got huge almost overnight, before there were good regulatory or even self-regulatory models in place, made the problem acute.”

The fall from the peaks of early January has been dizzying. The value of all outstanding virtual currencies has been cut by more than half, down over $400 billion as of Monday, according to the website

In January, the heads of the main regulators wrote in The Wall Street Journal that the situation presented an unprecedented challenge. “These markets are new, evolving and international,” Jay Clayton, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s chairman, and J. Christopher Giancarlo, his counterpart at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, wrote. “As such they require us to be nimble and forward-looking.”

Government agencies in the United States have shut down a few notable frauds. Early last month, securities regulators in Texas and North Carolina issued cease-and-desist orders to BitConnect, an operation that had grown to be worth $3 billion.

But those moves only came after BitConnect had operated openly for months, collecting hundreds of millions of dollars from people around the world despite being labeled a Ponzi scheme by many prominent people in the virtual currency industry. BitConnect offered tokens on a decentralized network, similar to Bitcoin, but promised regular payouts to coin holders.

In January, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission shut down My Big Coin, a purported swindle that had attracted $6 million.

But regulators have not gotten near most of the brazen schemes that have popped up in the past year, many of which had been attacked by hackers first, or simply shut down by their operators after money had been raised.

A new virtual currency, Proof of Weak Hands Coin, whose creators referred to it as a Ponzi scheme on Twitter and use a pyramid as a website logo, raised $800,000 before hackers got into its systems last week and drained its funds. Another pyramid scheme, MMM, which was shut down in an earlier incarnation by the Russian government, has been revived thanks to the popularity of Bitcoin and is operating openly, with particular success in Africa.

Bitcoin is trading at the lowest level since mid-November when a corresponding surge in Bitcoin Cash saw Bitcoin prices fall below $US6,000.

Bitcoin Cash hasn’t been immune from the latest selloff and has fallen below $US1,000 — also for the first time since November.

As Bitcoin continues to break through key technical support levels it indicates further falls to come, according to Greg McKenna from AxiTrader.

“Increasingly this is looking like a falling knife no one wants to catch. And why would you right now? It’s not obvious what a circuit breaker to this weakness will be, or might emerge from,” McKenna said.

The chart below illustrates McKenna’s view of the latest price action.

“This could end up a full round trip back into the $US1850 / $US2966 region,” he said.

Most of the other major cryptocurrencies have fallen by between 40-70% over the last month, amid increasing scrutiny from global regulators.

Overnight, UK bank Lloyd’s announced that it would ban cryptocurrency transactions using credit cards from the bank.

That followed reports from China that authorities have banned access to both domestic and foreign cryptocurrency exchanges.

This table from Markets Insider summarises the price action of the major cryptocurrencies over the past month:

Will the government shut down tonight?

What we’re covering here

  • Shutdown looming: The House passed a short-term spending bill last night. The Senate must now pass it to avoid a government shutdown before the midnight deadline.
  • The Trump-Schumer meeting: Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer met with President Trump. “We made some progress, but we still have a good number of disagreements,” Schumer said.
  • As the deadline for a government shutdown approaches, CNN examined its impacts on American workers and institutions.

    Here’s what CNN’s Tom Foreman found:

    • Hundreds of thousands of federal workers would be furloughed. This happened to 850,000 workers in the 2013 shutdown.
    • Roughly 1.9 million government workers would stay on the job. Those workers include prison guards, air traffic controllers and food inspectors.
    • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would back down on its flu track program, even as the nation’s faces it worst outbreak in years.
    • Some senior nutrition programs would be paused.
    • Passport applications would be delayed.
    • In 2013, NASA reportedly stopped monitoring asteroids for more than two weeks. A large asteroid is expected to brush by Earth on Feb. 4.
    • Nineteen of the Smithsonian’s museums would close.
    • A government shutdown would cost taxpayers $6 billion a week

    The federal government will run out of money and shut down at midnight. And, right now, no one in Washington has the slightest clue how to stop that from happening.

    Here’s what we do know:
    1. The Senate will come back into session at 11 a.m. ET
    2. Sometime soon-ish(?) after that, the motion to end debate — cloture in Senate slang — and bring the House-passed bill to fund the government for another month will be brought up for a vote.
    3. It will fail. (Republicans, based on current whip counts, need a dozen Democrats to cross over and vote for the so-called continuing resolution. That is, um, not happening.)
    4. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    That might seem glib — but it’s also the truth. Once the House-passed bill fails — and it’s virtually impossible to see how it doesn’t — then two things will be true: There will be fewer than 12 hours before the government shuts down, and no one really has any idea where things go from here. As CNN’s Manu Raju reported Friday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his Democratic counterpart, Chuck Schumer, are not talking about any sort of plan B at the moment.
    There are several options likely to emerge from the wreckage of the House bill.
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    The most obvious is a very short-term continuing resolution — like, less than a week — that staves off a government shutdown for the weekend and does what Congress does best: buys itself a little more time.
    The problem with that “solution” is that it changes next to nothing. Democrats have been largely united in their demands to address the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program in any legislation that continues to fund the government. (DACA shelters the undocumented children of immigrants from deportation.) Republicans — led by President Donald Trump — are steadfast in refusing to couple DACA and a bill to avoid the shutdown. Moving the goalposts five days makes very, very little difference in that dynamic.
    Given that, the most likely outcome at this point is a government shutdown — the first time that will have happened since 2013.
    Some of that is pure logistics. When the House bill fails this morning, the Senate — and, therefore, the House — start from scratch. Any new package would not only have its own new set of detractors and doubters but also would face a real time crunch to simply pass it through the House and the Senate before midnight.
    And a big chunk of it is politics.
    Democrats are not in the compromising mood for a few reasons. One is that this is their one piece of leverage in Washington right now, and they want to use it to protect the DACA recipients. They also believe they will win the politics of the blame game because Republicans control the House, Senate and White House. The average American, Democrats believe, will look at total GOP control of Washington and wonder why Republicans can’t keep their own house in order. (I think that logic is largely right — based on past shutdowns.) Third, Democrats — especially those with an eye on running for president in 2020 — know that it is impossible to be too anti-Trump for their liberal party base. The base wants opposition at all times and in all places — up to and including a government shutdown.
    Republicans — led by McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan — are in a more compromising mood, largely because they know that the history of shutdowns doesn’t look good for their side if Friday’s deadline comes and goes without a deal.
    The strategy for Republican congressional leaders is also complicated by Trump, who seems to be veering back and forth on whether a deal should be made and what should be in the deal. The unpredictability of Trump — as expressed most purely via his Twitter feed — makes the job of cutting a deal (or even figuring out what should be in the deal) that much more difficult. “I’m looking for something that President Trump supports,” McConnell said on Wednesday. “And he’s not yet indicated what measure he’s willing to sign.”


Plane skids off runway at Trabzon Airport in Turkey

Plane skids off runway at Trabzon Airport in Turkey

A plane has skidded off the runway at Trazbon Airport, ending up with its nose nearly in the sea.

No passengers or crew were hurt in the incident, which may have been caused by a bird strike, reports say.

Pegasus Airlines said that the Boeing 737-800 aircraft, flying from Ankara to Trabzon, “had a runway excursion incident”.

A passenger jet skidded off the runway at a Turkish airport Saturday and plunged down the side of the cliff just a few feet away from the Black Sea, sparking mass panic among travelers and crewmembers.

The Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800 aircraft carrying 168 passengers and crewmembers had a “runway excursion incident” while landing at the Trabzon Airport, the airline said in a statement on Sunday. Photos showed the aircraft on a muddy slope with its nose dangerously close to the Black Sea coast.

Panic broke out in the plane when the plane careened off the runway.  (Reuters) Dalton Metzler
Panic broke out in the plane when the plane careened off the runway. (Reuters) Dalton Metzler

“All 162 passengers, 2 pilots and 4 cabin crew have been disembarked safely from the aircraft. There has been no loss of life or injury to anyone on-board,” the airline said.

Passengers on the jet told state-run news agency Anadolu there was “panic” and “screaming” when the aircraft careened off the runway.

“We tilted to the side, the front was down while the plane’s rear was up. There was panic; people shouting, screaming,” passenger Fatma Gordu said, according to Sky News.

“We swerved all of a sudden,” she said. “The front of the plane crashed and the back was in the air. Everyone panicked.”

The 162 passengers, two pilots and four members of the cabin crew were not hurt and disembarked safely, the airline said.

The plane overran Runway 11 at the airport, according to local news reports. It was raining at the time, and the runway was wet during the landing, news outlets reported. The aircraft apparently had trouble slowing down on the runway.

One engine flew into the sea, according to nighttime images from the site.