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50 Cent backtracks, swears he’s not a bitcoin millionaire and that he under no circumstances owned bitcoin

Dalton Metzler

Rapper Curtis Jackson III, often known as 50 Cent, is correcting himself about the bitcoin fortune he implied he forgot he had, and which might have been price over $7 million. he’s now announcing he on no account had it at all.

In January, Jackson shared to his neighborly media bills a TMZ record claiming the rapper had raked in round seven hundred bitcoins all over a 2014 album sale. CNBC Make It suggested that a stake of that measurement could be value about $7.8 million. Now, however, Jackson is swearing there is no fortune.

On Friday, below penalty of perjury, the rapper filed documents relating to his 2015 passage 11 chapter case to make clear that he doesn’t personal, “and haven’t owned, both a bitcoin story or any bitcoins.”

The submitting — which notably calls out the document from TMZ that claimed Jackson had pulled in very nearly seven hundred bitcoins for the sale of his 2014 album.”Animal Ambition” — states that any bitcoins obtained for the album had been.”contemporaneously” converted into greenbacks. at the time, bitcoin become value about $660, meaning the stake of 700 bitcoins would have totaled about $460.”000.

It further clarifies that the third-birthday celebration in can charge of processing purchases, relevant worried, used BitPay, an organization that focuses on processing payments with bitcoin for purchases tremendous and small, including Lamborghinis, to transform bitcoin into dollars before any earnings reached Jackson’s enterprise G-Unit information. Had G-Unit statistics opted to grasp onto the bitcoin funds as an alternative of having them transformed into dollars, they might be price over $7 million at bitcoin’s fee today.

A request for remark via CNBC Make It become not immediately back by Jackson’s publicist.

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Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson

The forty two-yr-historical raised eyebrows when he shared a screenshot of the TMZ article on with the caption, “no longer ghastly for a child from South side, i am so pleased with me.” with out clarifying he on no account in fact owned the bitcoin, or that it had been transformed to dollars and deposited into his business’s yarn, he delivered an extra touch upon his post, writing, “i’m a keep it precise. I forgot I did that s—.”

Jackson explains within the filing that he failed to believe the should immediately make clear the initial stories on his estimated fortune as a result of his feedback were, at least partly, true. “after I first grew to be privy to the clicking reviews on this remember, I made neighborly media posts declaring that ‘I forgot I did that’ because I had truly forgotten that i was one of the most first recording artists to settle for bitcoin for online transactions,” he wrote.


Dalton Metzler
50 cent in bitcoin |alt

“I didn’t publicly deny the stories that I held bitcoins because the press insurance was favorable and cautioned that I had made tens of millions of greenbacks on account of my decent business choice to accept bitcoin payments.”

He adds that he often would never deny reporting it really is,favorable to my image or brand.”

here’s no longer the first time the rapper made noted by his debut album.”Get rich or Die Tryin'” has gotten in situation after the use of palsy-walsy media for that purpose. a distinct post, in which Jackson posed next to stacks of cash, landed the rapper in sizzling water during chapter court cases after the decide managing his case raised issues of monetary non-disclosure.

Jackson later claimed in a filing that the money featured in his publish become.”prop money.”

Jackson’s long-established bankruptcy case turned into discharged in 2017 after the rapper paid a total of $22 million to collectors to settle his money owed. His circulation to get forward of any questions his creditors might carry about a non-disclosed bitcoin fortune is not surprising, according to Leon Bayer, a bankruptcy lawyer at Bayer Wishman & Leotta.

4da1a46ec20cf.”so long as he accurately said his salary from the album sale,” Bayer tells CNBC Make It, “it does not remember if he received paid in pesos, euros, drachma or bitcoin.”

What does rely is that the decision to convert bitcoin to greenbacks on the time of fee seems to imply Jackson certainly not turned into a bitcoin millionaire, no remember how a whole lot he may have later enjoyed searching like one.

—CNBC’s Dan Mangan contributed to this file.


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